How To Reheat Buffalo Wings


Buffalo wings are famous because they are known to provide a juicy and distinct flavor compared to regular chicken wings. However, if you are filling up on buffalo wings to the point of becoming uncomfortable because you don’t want to have leftovers – you need to stop eating now before you get sick and regret it. You worry that if you reheat buffalo wings, you will not end up reaping the flavor benefits. You are afraid they will dry out and lose the delectable texture. The great news is that you can reheat your buffalo wings and enjoy them leftover reheated as you enjoyed them the first time. Let’s talk about how you can reheat your wings in an oven, microwave, and frying pan, so they maintain the delicious flavor.

How To Reheat Your Buffalo Wings In The Oven

If you want to reheat your buffalo wings, the oven is the best way to do so because the oven is the best apparatus to use to help maintain the flavor and moisture in the wings. The first thing to do is to take your buffalo wings outside of the fridge and allow them to sit until they reach room temperature. That is critical to do because if you place the wings in the oven too soon after taking them out of the fridge, you will have dried out and bland buffalo wings. Who wants that to happen?

In the meantime, preheat your oven to 350 Fahrenheit or 176.6 Celcius. While you are waiting for the oven to heat, take out a baking sheet and place a sheet of aluminum foil on it, so you completely cover it. Then you want to spray some non-stick spray so that the wings will not stick to the sheet. That would be a disaster if it did, or else your buffalo wings would not come out in one piece.

Once the oven reaches the desired temperature, begin placing your wings on the sheet and spreading them out. Place the sheet inside the oven and warm them up for 15 minutes. That will be enough time to reheat the wings and then take them out and enjoy them. They will taste as delicious and juicy as they were initially. However, if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to wait to prepare them for the oven, you can microwave buffalo wings if you must. Let’s go over the steps to take to ensure that you get the best quality reheated buffalo wings if you choose to heat them in the microwave.

How To Reheat Your Buffalo Wings In The Microwave

Reheating the buffalo wings is easy to do. However, beware that the taste won’t be as fresh if you reheat the wings in the microwave instead of the oven. However, time is an issue for many people, so it is understandable if this is the best way for you to reheat your wings if you have a busy day. Your wings will still turn out well.

All you need to do is take the wings out of the fridge and place them on a microwave-safe plate. Space them apart so the microwave heats them evenly, and so they won’t stick together. Put the dish into the microwave, and heat them on high for one minute on each side. The total time it will take to reheat your wings in the microwave is only two minutes. After that, take them out and enjoy your wings!

If you are also in a rush but don’t want to resort to using the microwave to reheat your wings, you can always use a frying pan to do the job. Your buffalo wings will end up crispier that way too. Let’s talk about how to reheat your wings in a frying pan.

How To Reheat Your Buffalo Wings On The Flying Pan

Reheating your buffalo wings on the frying pan is easy and takes little time. You will want to use a non-stick frying pan to heat your wings. Alternatively, you can use any frying pan and use a non-stick spray to coat the inside. You will still need to add some oil to add more flavor to your wings. It will only take about two to three minutes to fry your buffalo wings, but as you fry them, ensure you toss them a few times so they cook on each side. By the time the wings have a golden appearance, that completes the reheating.

Now, you know how to reheat your wings. However, what about storage? Is there anything you need to do to ensure they maintain their flavor regardless of how you reheat them? Let’s talk about that.

How To Store Your Buffalo Wings

When you finish your first round of buffalo wings and have leftovers, you will want to know how to store them correctly to reap the benefits of the taste and texture when you reheat them. You need an air-tight container or a zip lock bag, and ensure there is no air inside. Place your wings inside the container or zip lock bag and put them in the fridge if you plan to eat them within four days. If you don’t plan to eat the leftover wings for a week or two, you will want to freeze them. Frozen leftover buffalo wings will stay good frozen for a month.


Buffalo wings are delicious as they have a strong and juicy flavor and texture. You may incline to finish your buffalo wings in one sitting because you fear‘ they won’t taste good leftover. If you reheat them, you fear that they will not be so juicy and flavorful. However, that is untrue. You can reheat your buffalo wings in a way that will maintain their original goodness by using the oven, frying pan, or, if you are in a pinch for time, the microwave. There is no sense in eating your wings while you are getting packed for the sake of worrying about them not tasting good if you reheat them. That is not worth getting sick for at all!