Benefits of Truffle Oil

Culinary arts are evolving each day. Food lovers get to sample all the new dishes with their new twists. We all enjoy new experiences that carry lessons along with them. But, have you heard of truffle oil? What are the benefits of truffle oil? You may want to incorporate this exceptional oil to your daily dishes. Let me educate you more about truffle oil.

What is Truffle Oil?

Truffle oil is a type of oil that is prepared using truffles as one of the major ingredients. Truffles are mushroom-like fungi that grow below the ground. They develop under specific trees and specific environmental conditions. The type of truffle, therefore, depends on the variety of tree it grows under.

The common types of truffles are the black and white truffles. The black one is extensively used due to its availability. White truffles are also used to prepare oil, but the flavor they bring is much less in comparison to black ones. Another type exists that imparts a berry like taste and is called the red truffle.

How is it Made?

Truffle oil is made by mixing a specific amount of oil, preferably olive oil, with a small portion of trimmed truffles. This mixture should be stored in sterile air-tight containers to avoid alteration. You should store the mix in the refrigerator ensuring you shake it every day. You only need to scoop the amount of oil you require and preserve the rest. The oil can last approximately a month, but there is no confirmation to this.

However, since truffles don’t grow in all parts of the word, reports show that people use a chemical that has the same properties as truffles. Most people prefer the synthetic truffle oil since it has a longer shelf life and it’s cheaper than that prepared one from natural truffles.

Truffle Oil Benefits

It is hard to acquire the real truffle oil since the artificial ones are readily available. But it is important to note that these benefits are only achieved from the real truffle oil. The quality of the base oil also determines the benefits you get from the package. For example, extra virgin olive oil has more benefits than the usual corn or sunflower oil.

A high proportion of truffles comprises of carbohydrates. They also have a significant amount of protein though low on vitamins. Particular truffles have a small amount of vitamin C. Truffles have both saturated and unsaturated fat though it is significantly low.

Truffles possess essential minerals like potassium, zinc, copper, iron, and sodium just to mention a few. They are an excellent source of antioxidants needed by the body. Pure truffle oil possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

According to, the truffle oil benefits can be further enhanced by the base oil, in this case, olive oil. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats which reduce cholesterol levels by regulating lipoproteins also referred to as ‘the bad fats.’ Olive oil also aids in blood sugar regulation. It decreases the possibility of blood clots in the blood levels preventing ‘platelet clumping.’ This factor helps in lowering your blood sugar by reducing insulin levels.

Truffle Oil Uses

Truffle oil is used to impart and enhance flavor to foods. It should be added to food after preparation to maintain the distinctive taste. It is, therefore, termed as a dressing. As you think of how to use truffle oil, here are some foods that marry well with truffle oil.

  • It is a great topping for French fries. Truffle oil serves well with potato recipes, French fries being some of them. You can choose to bake them to add a crunchy, crispy touch.
  • This oil is suitable for use on white pizzas to add flavor to the plain taste of pizza dough.
  • You can also sprinkle a little truffle oil on pasta and spaghetti once ready.
  • It’s a good dressing for your sautéed vegetables.
  • Truffle oil does magic to fish and chicken dishes, especially those cooked in stainless steel cookware
  • Sprinkling a little truffle oil on scrambled eggs or omelets is an extra goodness in one plate!

According to, truffle oil could also be used to enhance the flavor of fresh truffles. Truffle oil adds a magical twist to your favorite food. There are no boundaries to using this oil but it’s good to understand what taste goes well with it. Remember, if having a variety of dishes, it’s a good idea to use truffle oil in a single course to maintain its distinctive flavor.

The Bottom Line

Truffle oil is one of the high-end products in the world, expensive, and hard to find but the experience is worth the hustle. However, you can get the substitute at a lower price and it will function similarly to the real one. The benefits of truffle oil supersede the benefits of chemically treated oils. Avoid the latter as they may cause more harm than good.