Ceramic Cookware Pros and Cons

When you’re looking at decent cookware that doesn’t break the bank, ceramic pots and pans keep bubbling up to the surface.

But are they as good as they’re made out to be? And just why are they so much better than your mom’s hand me down cast iron skillet anyway? Read on to find out all the ceramic cookware pros and cons you need to know.

Pros of Ceramic Pots and Pans

They’re really attractive

I know it’s not always the first consideration, but one of the things my partner and I always ask ourselves when we’re buying a new item for the kitchen is whether it comes in red.

Obviously, you’ve got your own style, but the sheer variety of options available with ceramic cookware makes finding what you want simple and easy.

Most versatile cookware available

Because they cool down relatively fast, too, ceramic dishes are really easy to use as serving dishes. Pull them from the oven, give them a few minutes to cool down, then drop them down onto a serving coaster, straight on the table.

Ceramic cookware is temperature safe

Because of its construction, ceramic cookware can survive temperatures that would mangle any other kind of cookware, meaning that unless your stove gets really hot, (like, super hot,) ceramic cookware will take it.

On the other hand, ceramic is also good at lower temperatures, meaning that ceramic cookware is absolutely fine to use in both the refrigerator and the freezer, which makes storing everything so much simpler. Just wait for it to cool, cover it over and throw it in, without having to fuss about changing containers.

Last but not least, unless it’s got some funky paint on it, (and it won’t) all ceramics are absolutely fine to use in the microwave, too! Now that’s versatility!

Ceramic is naturally nonstick

We’ve all had a favorite pan that we’ve held on to far longer than we probably should have, and watching that coating slowly peel and scratch off is just heart-rending. Now you can put those days behind you, because ceramic is naturally nonstick, without any other treatments or coatings having to be put on it.

Easy to clean

Pretty much all ceramic cookware can be cleaned without worrying about the finish. Because generally, there isn’t one that can come off.


Obviously, there’s a lot of price ranges out there, but ceramic pots and pans are usually really good value. Which is good, because there are a few downsides, which we’ll be getting into now.


You might have heard about ceramic cookware dangers, and even if you’re looking at buying a set, you might be asking yourself ‘Is ceramic cookware safe?’

There’s talk of toxicity, fumes when you heat them up too much, all that business.

We’re here to say that all of this is complete bunkum. All ceramic coated and ceramic pots and pans are completely safe, no matter how hot they get. This actually makes them safer than Teflon coated pans, which do emit toxic fumes when overheated.

The only thing you might have to watch out for is pots and pans made in Latin America. They don’t have the same standards of health there, so a very small amount of pots and pans have paint coatings containing lead. Which obviously isn’t ideal.

However, as long as you’re buying it from a reputable company and legitimate dealer, you’re going to be safe, as they’re all tested and held to the same standard.


The weight issue

Ceramic pots and pans tend to be heavy and cumbersome, which not only makes it harder to move them around the kitchen and beyond, it also increases the risk of dropping and other accidents.

So be careful when you’re moving these around. Use two hands, okay. The last thing you want is one of these landing on your foot. They’re really heavy.

Susceptible to damage

Because ceramic can chip and fracture, ceramic cookware is a lot more susceptible to damage than cast iron, copper, steel, or other materials.

Unless treated absolutely perfectly, it’s normal to see ceramic cookware looking a little rough around the edges after a couple of years of standard use.

On top of this, like we said up there, these things are heavy, so dropping them can cause a lot more damage to your kitchen, as well.

In general, I’d expect a decent set of ceramic pots and pans to last around 3 to 5 years of good use.


A decent set of ceramic pots and pans are a great investment. With careful use, they’ll last a good, long time and they’re an excellent investment. If you’re in the market for a new set of cookware, we’d wholeheartedly suggest taking a close look at ceramic. Just make sure you’re familiar with ceramic cookware pros and cons.