Dreaming Of Fruits Meaning


Have you had a dream that involved fruits, whether it involved apples, grapes, bananas, blueberries, kiwis, and so on? Do you know that your dreams represent anything happening in your psyche and life, in general? Your subconscious has plenty of information that your waking state or your conscious state keeps hidden. However, the information in your subconscious will show up in your dreams since your conscious state is asleep.

Therefore, if you are dreaming about fruit, there are many meanings behind those dreams. Let’s go into the interpretations of common dreams that involve fruit so you can understand what your subconscious is attempting to tell you.

The General Meaning Behind Fruit Dreams

If you dream about fruits in general, you can say that it is a good omen as long as the fruit is delicious and in perfect shape. These dreams suggest that you are about to take action on something, and it will be successful. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting a business and dreaming about delicious and whole fruit, that is a perfect sign. If you see a tree with fruits hanging, then that can represent you are approaching an excellent business deal. Think about the term enjoying the fruits of your labor! Fruits in dreams that are in good shape and tasty can also represent fertility, and that is a good dream to have if you are attempting to conceive. Delicious and whole fruits represent wealth and abundance, in general.

What about the fruit that is not good to eat or rotten? When you dream about rotten fruit, it means that you passed up a good opportunity. If you see those fruits, even if they are whole, falling from a tree, that means you are also unhappy. Therefore, if you see rotten fruit falling from a tree, you are sad and mad at yourself for passing up a good opportunity.

If you dream about eating a sour fruit, then that is a sign that you will encounter bad luck or an illness of some sort. Dreams about eating a sour fruit, then someone else you know will face an illness. Bitter-tasting fruit represents strife in your dream. If you dream about eating fruit that is not ripe, you are approaching a deal that you are not ready to make. Now, let’s look at what each fruit can represent in a dream if you dream of one type of fruit instead of a mixture.

What Each Fruit Represents In A Dream

When you dream about fruits, you know that there is a representation of wealth and abundance as long as the fruit is whole and tasty. However, if the fruit is not in good shape or does not taste right, that represents trouble of various sorts. Let’s now look at what different fruits that are in good condition in your dream can represent:

  • Apples – If you dream of apples

representing prosperity, wealth, and abundance are coming for you. You can also say that dreaming of good quality apples can mean fulfilled goals and success.)

  • Oranges – Oranges in your dreams represents fulfillment, clearing, renewal, and refreshments. You can think of new starts and new beginnings to help you get yourself on a path to healing and fresh starts. It can also represent that your troubles are ending and you will be entering a good period.
  • Bananas – Bananas represent a sign of pleasure and happiness, as well as passion. A yellow banana represents satisfaction, and a green banana means something fantastic is on its way in your life.
  • Berries – A dream of berries reminds you to

think of your blessings, no matter how small they are. You may also encounter a small gift in the future when you dream about berries.)

  • Cherries – Cherries in a dream represent prosperity and success and pleasure and joy in relationships. It can also mean that your kindness will touch someone in the nearer future.
  • Grapes – Grapes are a sign of fertility and wealth, as well as your dreams and wishes are coming true.

There are so many other fruits that you could dream about, but you can imagine that their meanings are positive as long as the fruits are intact and delicious. The only exception is when you dream about lemons, which means that there is bitterness and negativity in life – which goes back to the sour fruit interpretation.

The symbolism of fruits also affects our waking lives, which means if you see any type of fruit often in your waking life – that also can represent the meanings behind fruits in your dreams. Therefore, if you are changing jobs and moving out of a toxic work environment, seeing oranges wherever you go is an excellent sign that your fresh start is good for you.

Fruits also have an impact on you since there are so many idioms that involve fruits. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Fruit Idioms

There are plenty of fruit idioms that you hear people say, and let’s go over a few of them now. One example of a fruit idiom is the saying that “you are the apple of my eye,” which is someone well-liked or loved. However, “a bad apple” is not a good person, which goes back to the rotten fruit dream meanings.

Another example of common idioms involving fruits is when you say that “something is in cherry condition,” which means it is in good condition, or “something that you cherry-pick” means you are picking something carefully. On the flip side, if you call something “a lemon,” that means it is not workable or good. For instance, if you have a car that has been giving you trouble since day one, that is considered a lemon.


Dreams result from your subconscious sending your important messages that are affecting your waking life when you sleep. The trick is to remember your dreams so you can get the news. That is why having a dream journal and jotting it down upon awakening is a great idea. When it comes to dreams about fruits, you see that as long as the fruit is delicious‘ and whole, you will expect some great things on the way. However, if the fruit is not in good shape, rotten, or fell from a tree, you will be facing some negativity or some sort. Therefore, fresh fruits are good luck, and rotten and sour fruit is not.