How Long Does Fudge Keep?

Everybody loves the delicious, creamy taste and texture of a chunk of fudge. It is one of those guilty pleasures that we all know we shouldn’t have, but can’t stop ourselves from indulging in no matter what.

But if you are anything like me, your eyes are bigger than your belly. You will splurge and end up with far too much fudge for the family to eat in one, or even two, sittings!

So, you end up with a pack of delicious, tempting fudge sitting in the refrigerator. And it is only natural to start asking yourself at this point how long does fudge keep?

Are you going to be able to finish it off, or should you just give in and throw it out? Well, read on to find out.

Does fudge go bad?

Fudge is made primarily with sugar, butter and milk, and if you know anything about cooking, you know that you can’t leave most of those things out without them going off, so it is a fair jump to assume that fudge will go off just as fast, right?


While fudge can and does go off, because of the peculiarities of the cooking process, it lasts significantly longer than you might expect.

Given no particular preparation, fudge that is just left out on the sideboard will last a week or two, on average, before it starts to go bad. Bear in mind that there are hundred different recipes for fudge, and it is hard to put an exact figure on when it is going to go bad. In general, though, expect homemade fudge to last a little less time than store-bought varieties.

How to keep fudge fresh: Tips and tricks

But two weeks isn’t a long enough shelf life for you. You need your fudge to last longer. Luckily, there are several ways that you can extend the shelf life of your fudge, including:

Proper storage

The best and proper way to store fudge is in an airtight container, for example, a sealable zip lock bag or plastic box. It keeps it fresh for much longer than only leaving it exposed to the elements.

If you are leaving your fudge for several days before you see yourself eating it again, it is best to take each piece of fudge and wrap it in wax paper before storage. It stops the fudge from sticking together and makes taking it back out again, serving it, and eating it so much simpler.

Failing this, you can always wrap your fudge in saran wrap or aluminium foil. It will do much the same job as putting it in an airtight container.

Lower the temperature

You are looking at a lifespan of around two weeks for fudge, at room temperature. The simple act of placing it in the refrigerator will extend that life by several more weeks. Unfortunately, fridged fudge can dry out and get crumbly, especially if it is a variety with less butter and oil. It is best to experiment with your fudge and the fridge, but even if it goes a little crumbly, it is still edible.

A better option is simply to freeze it. Wrap each piece, then throw it in the freezer. It will last for months this way. Then, when the craving strikes you, all you need to do is pop it out and give it a couple of hours on a plate to defrost, and it will be ready to eat and good as new! Pro-tip: As it is defrosting, the fudge might ‘sweat’ with a thin film of fluid on it. Once this evaporates, it is time to dine!

The signs your fudge has gone bad

Fudge doesn’t tend to go off like you’d expect it. There is no funny smells, no mould or rotting. Instead, it gets crumbly and loses its flavour. While you probably won’t get ill eating your old fudge, it is not going to be a pleasant experience in any shape or form.

Fudge left out in the open-air tends to dry out, which leads to cracking and crumbling. It affects the consistency and makes eating it far less enjoyable. If the cracks have moved from the edges all the way across the chunks, it is time to throw it away.

Fudge that has been splashed with water or left in high humidity tends to spoil a lot faster too. You will find your fudge will drink the water from the air around it, and get soggy and moist. While again, it is probably still edible, it is far less flavoursome and feels gross in the mouth. If your fudge has got sloppy, throw it out.

So how long does fudge keep?

You know the answer, and you know exactly how to care for your fudge. You are a pro at this. So the next time you’ve got delicious treats in the house, you can keep them at their best for longer, and keep the good times rolling.

If you’ve got any tips for keeping your treats fresh, or you think we’ve missed anything, make sure you let us know in our comments section. We love hearing from our readers!