Diabetes Juicing Recipe


Once you receive the diagnosis of diabetes, you will wonder whether juicing is a good idea or not. The unfortunate truth is that once you receive the diagnosis of diabetes, where your pancreas is no longer appropriately working or that your insulin is no longer overly adequate, you have to begin modifying your diet. You may or may not have a prescription of medication, which all depends on your condition’s severity.

That means if your diabetes is not severe, you may be able to control it through diet and exercise without taking medication. Your doctor knows best. You will want to see whether you can enjoy juicing if you have the condition. Let’s talk about that a little further. However, before getting into that, let’s quickly go over the overview of diabetes.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic ailment, and the cause is from the pancreas failing to make enough insulin to break down glucose, or the insulin it produces cannot do the job. The illness is chronic, and there are two types of diabetes. The standard type of illness is type two diabetes, where the pancreas does not make enough insulin, or the insulin is ineffective. That can result from obesity, poor diet, and genetics. The other type is much more severe, type one diabetes, where the pancreas cannot produce any or produces too little insulin. That form of diabetes is known as juvenile diabetes, as children can be born with it. Those who have type one diabetes must go on insulin injections.

However, wild type two diabetes can also turn into type one diabetes. Other complications from uncontrolled diabetes are nerve and vessel damage and damage to the heart, the eyes, and the kidneys. According to WHO, there are 422 million people worldwide that have diabetes[.

In addition to that, diabetes can appear during pregnancy, known as gestational diabetes. Proper care and controlling it with nutrition and medication can prevent complications from arising and save the mother and child from developing the condition later on.

Does that mean as soon as you receive the diagnosis of diabetes, it is a death sentence? Absolutely not. The great news is that in most cases, the cause of diabetes is poor lifestyle choices. You can reverse that by following a proper diabetic diet, getting plenty of exercise, taking the medication prescribed if needed (only for type two), and getting regular checkups. You can reverse prediabetes which shows your fasting blood sugar levels are almost at the diabetic levels. You can reverse type two diabetes in the early stages if you tackle it immediately. Even if you cannot change it, but you take care of yourself throughout your life, you can live a relatively long and everyday life.

Therefore, a diabetic diet consists of foods that are low in sugar and higher in protein and some fats. Does that mean juicing is out of the equation for people with diabetes? The good news is, not at all. However, that also does not imply any juicing recipe is appropriate for those who have the condition since sugar is in fruit. Let’s go over a delicious diabetic juicing recipe that you will love.

What Is The Delicious Juicing Recipe For Diabetics?

When it comes to a diabeticjuicing recipe, there is not just one, as there are some fantastic ones. However, I only pick the creme of the crop, and I would love to share a delicious and satisfying juicing recipe that is diabetic-friendly and highly nourishing too. Since many fruits have too much sugar for diabetics, that does not mean that a person with diabetes should avoid all fruit. Vegetables that do not have a high starch content are also safe for people with diabetes.

Now, let’s go over a green juice for people with diabetes that even non-diabetics can drink to help ward the disease away. You will need a juicer as that is the equipment you require to make this juice. Let’s go over the ingredients for this juice:

  • Four green apples
  • Ten celery sticks
  • One handful of dandelion leaves
  • One lemon

The instructions are pretty simple for making this juice. All you need to do is wash the celery, the dandelion leaves, and the apples well. Then go and peel the lemon and cut it up so you can throw it in the juicer along with the other ingredients. Then go and juice away, and then enjoy it.

If you are prediabetic or diabetic and not impressed with these ingredients, there is good news. You can swap them out for others, as many people may not like dandelion leaves as they are bitter. You can replace them with kale, spinach, or watercress. If you don’t like celery, you can return it with a cucumber. If you don’t want to use a lemon, you can use lime or grapefruit. If you don’t like green apples, you can use an orange instead. You will need to peel the orange.

If you like most of the ingredients except for one, you can replace the one you don’t like. The juice is delicious and healthy since it has low sugar levels and is high in nutrition. You can enjoy it at any time of the year. If you want to cool down on a hot summer day, you can throw in a few ice cubes as well. That will make it even more refreshing.


When you are diagnosed with diabetes, that can seem scary as that is a sign that your lifestyle must change for you to maintain good health. Otherwise, wild type two diabetes can turn into type one diabetes, which can destroy your vital organs, nerves, and sight. However, you can easily control the ailment, and you can also enjoy some juices for people with diabetes as not all fruits have high sugar content levels. The green juicing recipe‘ for diabetic people is a delicious one, and it is highly nutritious. Remember that you can change the ingredients if you don’t like some of them to the appropriate replacements. Either way, enjoy your juice and stay healthy.