Best Way To Reheat Wings


You cannot go wrong with chicken wings. They are the perfect party food that you and your friends can enjoy while watching a baseball or football game. Or, you can enjoy some wings for an appetizer. However, you can only eat so many wings in one sitting, which is why you have to put the rest often back into the fridge and eat them as leftovers for another day.

The problem with leftover chicken wings is that when you reheat them, they often dry out and end up becoming challenging to chew. Not to mention, the juicy flavor no longer exists. How can you reheat chicken wings in a way that will help retain their crispy, juicy goodness? Fortunately, there are ways to warm up your leftover chicken wings that will make them delicious. Let’s firstly look at the best way to rewarm your chicken wings in the oven.

The Best Way To Reheat Wings In The Oven

If you plan to rewarm your wings in the oven, that is the best way to do that. Not to mention, reheating your wings in the oven is the easiest way. That allows your wings to maintain their juicy goodness on the inside easily. It also allows them to keep the crispy deliciousness on the outside. If they seem somewhat dry, put a few drops of water on them to moisten the wings. It takes about 10 minutes to reheat. Let’s go over the steps for reheating your wings correctly in the oven:

1. Preheat Your Oven

The first thing you want to do when you are getting ready to reheat your wings is to preheat your oven. The temperature you want your oven to reach is 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or 176.6 degrees Celsius. Don’t preheat your oven to a temperature higher than that or cooler than that setting.

2. Take Your Wings Out Of The Fridge

Right after you preheat your oven, you will want to remove your wings from the refrigerator. Allow the wings to get to room temperature before placing them in the oven, as that will take about 15 minutes. If you place your wings in the oven too soon after taking them out of the fridge, that will cause them to try out.

3. Prepare The Cookie Sheet

As your wings are settling to room temperature, take out the cookie sheet and place a piece of aluminum foil over it. Spray on a non-stick spray so that the wings do not become stuck to the wings as they heat up. When you place your wings on the cookie sheet, make sure they are one inch apart from one another. Then place the sheet with the wings into the oven after the 15 minutes are up.

4. Flip The Wings At Five Minutes

After you put the wings into the oven, set a timer. That is because you will want to flip your wings midway, which is at five minutes. That way, the oven can warm both sides of the wings equally.

5. Use A Thermometer To Check Internal Temperature

As you reheat your wings, place a thermometer inside the oven to ensure that they are warming up properly. The temperature should read 165 degrees Fahrenheit, or 74 degrees Celsius. Once the reheating of the chicken wings is complete, take them out of the oven and enjoy!

You will be happy with how your wings taste, as well as the texture. You can dip them into your favorite dipping sauce too. And if you have a group of friends over and you want to reheat your chicken wings from the day before, then warming them up in the oven is so easy. However, what if you’re going to reheat your wings in the microwave? Can you do that? Will they become too dried out? The good news is, you can reheat your wings in the microwave. However, you will need to follow the following steps to do that.

The Best Way To Reheat Wings In The Microwave

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to wait around to warm up your wings in the oven, you can use the microwave. However, bear in mind, the wings warmed up in the microwave won’t turn out as crispy as they do in the oven. But the result can still be delicious. The trick is not to overheat the wings, or else they will dry out. Let’s go over the steps that show you the best way to reheat wings.

1. Put Your Wings Directly On A Microwave Safe Plate

The good news is that if you decide to rewarm your chicken wings in the microwave, you do not need to wait 15 minutes to reach room temperature after removing them from the fridge. You will want to place them on a microwave-safe dish and directly. Place the plate in the center of the microwave.

2. Place A Damp Paper Towel Over The Dish

When your wings heat in the microwave, they will end up losing moisture which is why they can dry out. That is why you want to place a damp towel over the wings before you begin heating them. They will help the wings maintain the moisture, which is essential for them to remain juicy.

3. Don’t Overheat The Wings

The critical thing to do is not to overheat your wings, or else they will dry out, even with a damp cover. The average time to reheat chicken wings is about two minutes. However, that can vary depending on the size of the plate. You will want to turn them over midway as well so you can evenly heat the wings.

After the wings heat up, then take them out of the microwave. Allow them to sit for a minute to cool down and won’t be too hot to the touch. Take out your favorite dipping sauce, and chow down. You will be pleasantly surprised by how delicious your wings taste.


Have you reheated chicken wings in the past, only to find that they lose their taste, become too dry, and end up with an unpleasant texture? That is because you did not know of the best way to warm chicken wings. The good news is that you can end that type of frustration by heating your wings the best way in the oven and the microwave. That way, if you follow the easy steps for heating your wings and in the oven correctly, you will be happy with how they turn out. You can enjoy chowing down on juicy, tender, and crispy reheated chicken wings.