Best Cuts Of Steak


Are you in the mood for a good steak dinner? Then you will want to fulfill your desire by heading over to the supermarket to indulge in your beef fix that you want to have for the evening. You also know you have eaten steak dinners that did not impress you because you found the steak tasteless or rubbery and not satisfying in any way at all. You do not want to have that experience again.

That is why when you shop for the best beef to cook yourself or your family for dinner, you want to only look for the best cuts of steak. What are the recommended steak cuts to add to your grocery cart? Let’s talk about that now.

The Ribeye Steak Or Scotch Fillet

Does your mouth water when you think of the ribeye steak? That cut is delicious as it is from the rib area of the cow. This particular cut is so delicious because it contains so much fat marbling, which adds a lot of flavor to the steak. The fat is what makes the steak superior over other cuts.

Even though people use the terms ribeye and the Scotch fillet interchangeably, there is a difference between them. You cook a ribeye steak with the bone intact, and you remove the bone from the Scotch fillet before placing it on the grill or the barbeque.

The temptation is there to remove the bone from the cut as it causes the steak more challenging to eat. However, the bone is a significant reason that this steak cut is delicious aside from the fat content.

Eye Fillet, Tenderloin, Fillet

Another tasty cut of steak is the eye fillet, which is known as the fillet or tenderloin. The meat comes from the muscle attached to the backbone of the cow. Since the muscle does very little, it is very tender. That explains why this steak cut is pricey and the most wanted.

There are several reasons that this is arguably the best cut of steak around because it is both lean and tasty. Unlike the ribeye steak, the eye fillet has very little fat.

You may think of fancy restaurants serving this steak cut with a rich cream sauce for a high price tag. That is what makes eating this steak cut a rich experience. You can always create that scenario right in your kitchen if you are willing to pay top dollar for this steak cut.


The rump cut comes from the cow’s rear, and it has a chewier texture than the tenderloin. You may notice that parts of the rump steak cut are chewier than others since the composition comprises three types of muscles.

You will see this steak cut at pubs, but you won’t see chefs raving about it too much. Even though it is one of the best cuts of steak, it is not on the same level as the ribeye or the tenderloin. However, it is delicious.


The sirloin steak cut comes from the cow’s hindquarter, also known as the New York steak or the Porterhouse cut. The cut is the ideal one since it is lean, juicy, and tender. The sirloin steak has a lot of flavors which also makes this class of beef superior.

Additionally, there is less marbling, and it is easy to chew, which makes this steak cut popular. It is also expensive, which is understandable since sirloin is the ideal steak. However, there is one thing to keep in mind when you buy this steak. You can overcook it without realizing it, so you will want to monitor that while it is on the grill or barbeque.

The T-Bone Steak

The decision between choosing a sirloin and tenderloin can be a difficult one to make. You can have the best of both worlds when you go for the T-bone steak. The bone appears to be of the letter T, and you can have the sirloin on one side and tenderloin on the other.

Because the T-bone consists of two high-end cuts, it is pricey and keeps in mind that cooking the steak cut can be difficult. That is because you have to cook the sirloin and tenderloin in different ways. However, it is a rewarding experience eating this steak. Rewards never come easy.


The steak cut comes from the cow’s diaphragm, and it has a thick and grainy taste that is not tender. However, those who want to eat the cow’s skirt value flavor over tenderness, so it is a perfect cut for this type of crowd.

The skirt cut is cheap, and that is because it is tough. Therefore, if you want to save some money while enjoying steak, this is the perfect cut to get. Unless you want to have a tender cut, you will have to invest more money in your steak experience. It is a good idea to marinate the steak before grilling to make the most of the flavor.

The Butcher’s Cut

The Butcher’s cut is known as the hanger, or onglet, which comes from the cow’s lower belly. The taste is rich, which is why, over history, butchers kept this cut to themselves, hence its name. However, now that the general public knows the steak cut that butchers hid from them for so many years, they understand why butchers kept it to themselves.

The steak cut is cheaper than the ribeye or eye fillet, and it has plenty of flavors. However, this steak cut has gristle covering it, which not all butchers trim, which tends to drive down the price.


The flank steak cut comes from the cow’s abdomen, which the cow moves regularly. In addition to that, the flank comes with connective tissues like the hanger. Therefore, it is not tender and has plenty of gristle. However, the flank is flavorful, and that is why it is a recommended steak cut.

The flank is a cheap cut because it is harder to chew, but the flavor makes up for that. The ideal thing to do is to marinade the steak and don’t cook it for too long, or else that will cause it to be harder to eat. It’s the perfect cut for those who want steak and don’t mind the hard texture but have a tight budget.


Are you in the mood for steak? Who can blame you? And do you want to serve it for dinner to your family? That sounds great. However, you want to grab the best cuts of steak so you and your family can enjoy a tasty dinner. The best cuts such as the ribeye, tenderloin, sirloin, rump, and T-bone are pricey but flavorful and tender. If you are not so picky about tenderness and are on a budget, you can enjoy other good steak cuts such as the flank, skirt, or hanger. Therefore, there are cuts of steak for everyone to enjoy.