What Is The Best Way To Reheat Ribs?


Have you reheated ribs in the past, only finding that they are not tasty, lost their juicy attributes, and are rubbery in texture? That is always so disappointing. When you take the grill directly off the grill or right from the oven, they are delicious, juicy, and tender. Did you know that your ribs can maintain that lovely attribute even after reheating them? That may sound strange considering that your ribs never turn out tasty or tender as reheated leftovers. However, the trick is to heat your leftover ribs, so they are just as delicious as they were for the first time. Let’s now talk about the best way to reheat your ribs on the grill and in the oven.

How To Properly Reheat Ribs On The Grill

Barbequed flavor meat, vegetables, fish, and even fruit is hard to beat. You have your leftover ribs, and you not only want to reheat them correctly, but you want your leftover ribs to have that delicious smokey barbeque flavor. How can you do that? You can reheat your leftover ribs on the grill and enjoy the fresh smokey barbeque flavor they had for the first time.

1. Preheat Your Barbeque To High

If you decide to reheat your ribs on the grill, then you need to preheat your barbeque on high and allow it to preheat until you are ready to place the ribs on it. However, don’t do it right after you take your leftover ribs out of the refrigerator. Take your ribs out of the fridge at least an hour before you plan to reheat them, so they coo down to room temperature. They will not go bad so quickly if you do that. Your ribs will not reheat well if you take them directly out of the fridge and place them on the grill. They need to be at room temperature, which will take about a half-hour.

2. Season Your Ribs Once They Get To Room Temperature

Once your ribs reach room temperature, you will want to season them, so they become flavorful. You can put any sauce you choose on your ribs and spice them up with herbs of your choice. You can even put a few drops of water on them to moisten them. After that, you will want to utilize the next step before placing them on the grill.

3. Put The Ribs In Aluminum Foil Loosely

Your ribs are getting direct heat from the barbecue. If you wrap your ribs tightly before placing them on the grill, you can dry them out, defeating the purpose. It is essential to give them some breathing room to help them stay tender and juicy. Therefore, wrap the ribs in the foil loosely.

4. Monitor The Heat

Once your ribs are on the grill, you will want to switch the heat to a moderate setting, so they don’t overheat, which can dry them out. Keep the ribs heating up on the medium setting for eight to ten minutes. Turn them midway, which would be from four to five minutes into it. By the end of the time the ribs are on the barbeque, they will give off the smoky aroma that is irresistible.

After following those steps, you can enjoy fresh and delicious leftover grilled ribs. What if you don’t want to use your barbeque, or it is in the middle of winter where you struggle to use it? You can reheat your ribs in the oven too, and they will turn out to be just as delicious and tender. Let’s talk more about that!

The Best Way To Reheat Your Ribs In The Oven

If you prefer to heat your ribs in the oven instead of on the grill, you can do it in a way where it can retain the tenderness and juicy flavor. Let’s face it; it is much easier to use the oven for reheating than the grill. The only thing that your ribs will lack if you reheat it in the oven instead of on the grill is the smoky flavor. However, your ribs can be tasty regardless. How can you reheat your leftover ribs in the oven correctly, so it does not become tasteless and dry?

Let’s go over some simple steps so that you know the best way to reheat ribs in the oven, so it retains its goodness!

1. Take Your Ribs Out Of The Fridge A Half-Hour Before Reheating

If you take your ribs out of the fridge for a half-hour, it will go down to room temperature. That is the same approach to take if you were planning to grill your leftover ribs. It is essential to allow your ribs to get to room temperature as they will have the chance to warm up evenly in the oven.

2. Preheat The Oven

You will want to preheat your oven to the setting of 225 degrees Fahrenheit (107.2 degrees Celcius). The temperature is low, and that will warm up the ribs without cooking it. If you set the temperature to a higher setting, it will burn the ribs, not what you want. That is certainly not the best way to reheat ribs.

3. Moisten Ribs And Place Them On A Sheet Of Aluminum Foil

Take a sheet of aluminum foil, and place the ribs on there. You would want to give your ribs a coating of barbecue sauce if you used that to flavor your ribs the first time. Otherwise, you can add a splash of water on the ribs to maintain moisture while warming up.

4. Wrap Foil Tightly Around The Ribs

You will want to wrap the foil firmly around the ribs after you moisten or coat them. You will also want to add another sheet of foil around the ribs to trap any leakage coming out while heating in the oven.

5. Put The Ribs In The Oven

Once you finish wrapping the ribs with two layers of foil, place them on the oven rack. On average, it will take about a half-hour to warm the ribs. However, that depends on the size of the meat. For instance, if you are reheating spare ribs, you may want to give them another ten minutes because they are meatier and fattier than back-cut ribs.

Once the time is up for reheating the ribs in the oven, take them out, and enjoy them. You will be happy with how they turn out!


Do you reheat your leftover ribs and find that you are not satisfied with how they turn out? Are they too dry and too tricky to cut and chew? That is because there is a sure way to reheat them on the grill to maintain their juicy flavor and tenderness. The same goes for reheating them in the oven. That way, you can enjoy the goodness of your leftover ribs after you reheat them the best way. There are simple steps to follow so you can attain that. Therefore, it is more than possible to have reheated ribs that are just as delicious as they were the first time. By the way, do not microwave‘ your ribs. That will only cause them to dry out!